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Sonce si je opomoglo, opazimo že prve cvetne popke in ptiči imajo ohcet!

St Gregory’s Day is regarded as the Slovenian celebration of lovers. Finally, after a long period of winter, the sun regains its strength and we can see the first flower buds. It is believed that today, the birds choose their mates and give rise to the tale spread throughout Slovenia.

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  Athene noctua - Little Owl   

Athene noctua – Little Owl   

  Parus caeruleus - Blue tit

Parus caeruleus – Blue tit

  Upupa epops , Hoopoe

Upupa epops , Hoopoe

  Erithacus rubecula - Robin bird

Erithacus rubecula – Robin bird



Coal tit                                                                                                         Long-tailed tit