New tracks.

I enjoy exploring new tracks, observing the nature and listening to the whisper of the wind. My first mountain bike tour this year was bloody hard work for my legs, but desperately needed for my soul!  New ideas. And also new UriKuri POSTCARDS  – click!  Fritillaria meleagris/Erythronium dens-canis, Hepatica nobilis, Omphalodes verna/ Lathyrus vernus

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Ptičja svatba.

Sonce si je opomoglo, opazimo že prve cvetne popke in ptiči imajo ohcet! St Gregory’s Day is regarded as the Slovenian celebration of lovers. Finally, after a long period of winter, the sun regains its strength and we can see the first flower buds. It is believed that today, the birds choose their mates and give rise to the tale spread throughout Slovenia. Have you seen them? Click. Have you listened them? Coal tit        …

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