Pohorje express.

Cyclamen purpurensis / Vaccinium myrtillus Rosa canina / Boletus edulis / Vaccinium oxycoccos Lovrenška jezera - Lovrenc lakes   Rubus idaeus / Picus viridis / Corylus avellana / Amanita muscaria Continue reading
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UriKuri kartoline / UriKuri postcards

Malo sem jim ‘fouš’. UriKuri kartoline so odpotovale na morje!  V okviru oblikovalskega projekta POP-up JADRAN se razglednice že važijo na prodajnih poličkah piranske Galerije Meduza 2.  In na Obali nameravajo ostati kar cel avgust. Juhuu! I am a bit jealous, UriKuri postcards went on summer holiday to the Slovenian coast and they decided to leave me at home! In fact, during the POP-up JADRAN design project, my watercolour postcards are available at Meduza 2 Gallery in Piran until the end of August.

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The Spell of the South Sea

Alma M. Karlin was the Slovenian ‘hipster’ of worldwide travellers.  She did the eight-year-long journey around the world way before everyone else thought it was ‘cool’. When I opened her book, named The Spell of the South Sea, some of her feellings from travelling around Fijian islands sounded so familiar. One night Fijians from Kadavu kindly invited me to drink kava with them. While they were singing, my drumming palms were burning.  Here is the song:

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UriKuri & Goodlife

Poletno veselje se je začelo. Tudi z mojo UriKuri ilustracijo za poletno številko revije <GOODLIFE>. Papirnata prav lepo diši, zlistaš jo pa lahko tudi tukaj. Kmalu pa skok v morje!   Hooray! My summer Joy begins with UriKuri illustration for summer edition of <GOODLIFE> life-style magazine. It feells so good to touch paper-edition, and also webzine can be seen here. Soon I’ll jump in the sea. 🙂

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In May.

I was bicycling through the grass and felt the sweet smell of open grass mixed with wildflowers and trees. I was hanging over the edge and watch the bow of the sailing boat slicing through the waves. And felt the blue sky. I ran like my feet were burning.  

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Wildflowers (Fritillaria meleagris, Erythronium dens-canis, Omphalodes verna, Hepatica nobilis, Paeonia officinalis) and one pretty bird guy Pepi (Galerida cristata) were making me happy this spring time. l did enjoy (like here), and it still lasts. Divje cvetlice (Močvirska logarica/Fritillaria meleagris, Pasji zob/Erythronium dens-canis, Spomladanska torilnica/Omphalodes verna, Navadni jetrnik/Hepatica nobilis, Navadna potonika/Paeonia officinalis) in krasen ded – čopasti škrjanec Pepi (Galerida cristata) so me razveseljevali to pomlad. In veselje kot tole, še kar traja. Kar je…

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Fox, Owls and other wild creatures do not bite you. They’re coming to the UriKuri ZOO shop. Just hunt!    

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