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Costa Rica. Nicaragua.

Memories…. …of roasting fermented Cocoa seeds in Granada, making raw chocolate bars and drinking hot cocoa with chili…so delicious! I admit, diving near ”Bat Islands” eye to eye with Bull Sharks…brrrr, it was scary! Such a magnificent animal! (I forgot how to clear my mask – what an amateur!). And a night dive in the Carribean ”Islas del Maíz” : a funny pose of a turtle, naping on a reef …cross my heart, I didn’t…

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Fox, Owls and other wild creatures do not bite you. They’re coming to the UriKuri ZOO shop. Just hunt!    

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The Hoopoe.

The hoopoe (upupa epops L.) is an old-word bird. It hails from Africa. And it brings wisdom. In oriental the hoopoe shelters Solomon. The king of the hoopoes asks of Solomon a reward for having shielded the king from the  rays of the sun. Solomon grants the request by bestowing golden crowns upon all hoopoes. This arouses the jealousy of the other  birds, causing them to persecute the hoopoes. They complain to Solomon, and he,…

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