Sheepie Rambo.

I received a kind mail from Kate with her photo of a sheep, called Rambo. Rambo used to live in Australia and Kate asked me if I could draw him. I said to myself: "Sure, why not, he's so cute!!"

I tried to paint him just the way he was from my point of view, courageous, persistent, strong but kind and soft-hearted at the same time. I really hope and wish that my painting reflects the correct image of him, do you agree Kate? ;)

I'd like to share with you guys my short movie clip of making my Watercolor Rambo. Hope You'll enjoy!

And Kate, thanks again for your trust ;)   

ps: By the way, Kate's photos are amazing, you can check them here.

UriKuri Sheepie Rambo (24 x 32 cm, watercolour, 2015). Short clip movie of making Watercolor Sheepie called Rambo for Kate from Australia :) Music by Slovenian: SONJA GABRSCEK - Breskvice